Tas extra ordinary experiences with Africa territories motorcycling through impassible roads, canoeing  to the next dense forests. TechnoAgro Strategists Limited started step by step to locate fertile farms and develop them into modern Agricultural plantation fields in order eventually not only to source but supplying simultaneously our OWN harvested Agro.

However tough is the journey we keep on walking and that’s why we outperform sluggish outdated frail Companies . Our laser beam sharp focus mindset and quick adoption to latest technology trends no nonsense business ethics keeps our company afloat. Since we do believe Technology is the current norm of  business.

At  TechnoAgro Strategists Limited, We apply six P formula.


“Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Brian Tracy

We always do our homeworks earlier to make sure that before shipments every task is analyzed highly before giving the information to the end clients.

ONLY Africa where 100% Agro produce is ORGANIC. Most other world produce full of  Adulteration plus chemicals. This is where exactly our company Tap this rare treasure exceptional opportunity. Yearly exponentially networking with a large pool of  Reliable  potential farmers bends down trajectory curve of supply chain disruptions.

Coordinated collaboration with established competitive international Logistics companies assures safeguard against backlogs

We always provide the customers below documentation for their commodities / products in which they have business interest come along with full details such as ;

  • Origin
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Packing
  • Shipment Period
  • Shipping Terms etc..

In order to make business possibilities between two parties much easier.

Transport Agro Products to Ports

Though a bit Challenging moving goods from farms to ports. What keeps us moving with a smile on our faces is sourcing Superb Agro products that notion motives us for higher turbo drive energy. We believe everything is possible, this is not “Rocket Science”. Forget all about the negative image of Africa.

Africa produces the finest Agro products unmatched, unparalleled and surpasses most other countries. Products from Africa are simply super QUALITY and NATURAL. By taking charge of the customs files, our logistics and sales teams deliver worldwide and look forward to helping your business GROW.

Exports Worldwide

Our Agro are sourced from commercial farms in Africa in different countries then transported to ports for worldwide delivery.

Africa Sourcing Centers

Our Network Affiliation with commercial farmers in Africa is hugely enabling us to provide clients with impressive update agro products inventory.

Payment Options

We believe each customer has is own criteria. We are here to serve each customer differently according to their customer requests. We are not fixed with our terms we give lots of options to the customers. Customers can put at the table requests in regard to how they would be in the position to submit payments to TAS.

Companies which adore expansion are not gold diggers instead they establish FIRST super relation with clients then payments comes eventual option. Customized Contracts for each customer in accordance with the request can be established smoothly.

On-Time Delivery

Thanks to our dedicated logistics team and our distribution centers, we are here to serve customers, no matter what customers are always KINGS, not forgetting the markets which inspire entrepreneurial drive.

By taking charge of the customs files, our logistics and sales teams deliver throughout the world and look forward to helping your business to grow committed to providing on-time delivery.

Investment Partnership

Foreign investors who might be interested to join hands into this great journey. We have in hands mammoth farm fields in Africa eagerly waiting for investment or Partnership. Some already well developed from 5000 acres above, some dormant, some new needs developments. This is the right time its like during the early 80s digital revolution in Europe and other parts of the world. Now is Africa Agriculture revolution360 degree. We are not interested in brokers, only actual investors to contact us.