Company growth mushroom from a trusted pool of satisfied clients. At Tas we don't believe in quick fixes, we believe growth attainment in any format (it's a process). Development of any business sector takes time, with internet breakthrough the world has become a small Global village. A small mistake can entirely tarnish or even destroy a successful running Company. In that regard, we try our best to be honest, reliable to our New & Existing Customers. Success adherence to Truth. Unreliability results in companies to GO BUST. At TAS we do our best to be RELIABLE.

Frequently Asked Question

Tas it's duty to make sure the customers are satisfied with services. We believe happy customers are the remedy to fruitful business growth. In that regard, we have layed out few answers to questions which we mostly receive from customers.

Tas Security And Safety Questions

Is it safe to order Agro Products from Africa with so many scams going around especially from Third world countries? Yes, its 100 percent safe. This is a fully registered company with all necessary documents hanging at the office wall, this is not briefcase (scams business) its LEGITIMATE REGISTERED AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS EXPORT COMPANY. Customers will be shipped goods with 100% Letter of Credit from well renowned international banks and we believe in longevity cooperation with customers.W e are not here for Quick gains. We are here for Customer satisfaction along with Company Growth.

How Do I Know That I Am Gettig The Best Price?

The English proverb says " Puddings proof is on the fruits'. The quality of our Agro products in comparison with price quote is simply awesome. Best products offered at best prices. We know for sure we beat most Agro exporters on price tags no doubt about that.

What Are My Payment Options?

We do accept Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Letter of Credit etc. It's completely customer choice to select payment options we don't force clients with payment conditions.
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Does Tas Charges Sales Tax?

No, we don't charge a single penny sales tax Customers that's TAS obligation.

Can Tas Ship Orders Outside Of Africa?

Majority of African countries we source products have superb services for Export. So goods can be shipped anywhere in the world from Africa. It takes even sometimes only 3 weeks for container goods delivery depending on the distance. Courier or Freight forwarders, not more than 7 days anywhere in the world even in Mongolia.

What Are My Shipping Options?

Here it totally depends on the client. All shipping options are available at the table. All international shipment services are available for bulk shipments such as Maersk etc. Smaller packages all international courier such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc. Countless services are all accessible.

What is Your Refund Policy?

For example, clients before Shipment of their products are sent the sample of actual product which will be ordered eventually after sample approval by the customer. The margin of error is almost negligible. We ascertain assure delivery which equally matches the sample shipped prior.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Order?

Fast courier services such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc. Worldwide delivery is not more than 7 days. Container loads shipment worldwide from 3 weeks to 5 weeks if the shipment is shipped with Transhipment Routes.

How Do I Check The Status Of My Status Of My Order Once Shipped?

Fast courier orders clients will be provided the tracking number. Container loads Bill of lading copies will be provided once the payments clear at the bank. Original Bill of Lading will be provided Bank to the bank. Sample example receipts not actual

Does TAS Share Information It Gather About Me?

Name Email Address Shipping Address Telephone Number Form of Payment There are a few ways in which we use the information you provide us. Mostly we will use to send to you the products customer purchased.