Garlic oil

Garlic Essential Oil Information

Garlic Essential Oil is extracted from a plant in the Allium onion family.

Oil Properties

Antimicrobial Properties of Garlic Oil against Human Enteric Bacteria: Evaluation of Methodologies and Comparisons with Garlic Oil Sulfides and Garlic Powder.

Origin of Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is the volatile oil (essential oil) derived from garlic. It is usually prepared using steam distillation, and can also be produced via distillation using ether.


Garlic contain oil which is an essential oil, the oil is extracted by process of steam distillation of the garlic cloves using n-hexane as solvent. Essential garlic oil contains variety of sulfide such as dially disulfide and dilly trisulfide.

Chemical Composition

Garlic leaves contains same major bioactive components as garlic bulb. The chemical composition of sulfur– containing compounds found in essential oil isolated from green garlic leaves showed that diallyl trisulfide (32%), methyl diallyl disulfide (31%) and methyl allyl trisulfide (11%) as major components which is similar to garlic bulb essential oil composition.