About TAS

Grimmer era as Africa the continent of  BAGATELLE + VACUOUS, “Bust the Myths” as Epicentre of Starvation, diseases, poverty, wars…..in macro scale are antiquated.

Synchronous taciturn upsurge revolution in every sector of economies in Africa is seen unparalleled augmentation. Poised as the NEXT CHINA disregard diminished negative news on Cable Tvs only imperceptible countries encounter wars, famine etc. Conventional wisdom that nothing works in Africa except only disasters is fallacious, with Africa Union strengthening. Africa countries yearly becoming stable in governance experience seldom coup.

Predictions from Global Economy experts Africa is on the edge of Agriculture quantum leap seen as the EMERGING BIG PUNCH within proliferation of Natural Agro ( ORGANIC ) boosted boom produce global demand. Acceleration emergence enclosed by Innovation around food and eating habits within household’s is changing precipitately. Consumers are more meticulous to their daily diets.

Drives of Competitiveness of Africa Agricultural food system is turbocharged dominating and outpacing obsolescent geoponics modus operandi.

“Every Tiger Spots’s are non – identical “, We reciprocate the same here at TechnoAgro Strategists Limited our rigorous resilience and diversity crafting framework working modules are heterogeneous in similitude to the mainstream.

We unequivocally conclude for triumph TechnoAgro Strategists Limited working consortium amalgamate broad swathe modules to impede gulf in order for higher conquest within ;

  • Pre – eminence, vision and strategy
  • Accountability
  • Capacity Delivery
  • Coordination

Athwart Africa agriculture technology or Agritech – is seen unprecedented levels of ballooning.

Economical machinery from China has been a game changer simultaneously impacting remarkably Africa Farmers in terms of Agriculture advanced implementation practices at a rate which has never been contemplated before.

At TechnoAgro Strategists Limited, We can proudly say our mode of conducting Agriculture business is totes futuristic, unequivocally eccentric in juxtaposition to mainstream. Digital farming it’s paramount supercilious advantage cutting edge is spreading fast as wild fire creating a domino effect to antiquated farming practices which were norm for centuries.

Farmers in Africa assimilate from they are progenitor obsolete farming modules DOES’NT work magic formula for soaring crop production and realized resisting alteration to technology wave of interchange into digital Agriculture is like an Eaglet not wanting to retire from the warmth and comfort of his nest.

New generation of graduates Africans intellectuals entirely eradicate ancient farming practices done by their predecessors. Scalable plato technology machinery with easy to use manuals such as Gps base stations, flow meters, drones, Irrigation controllers etc…. initiate stupefying advantage edge to Africa farmers.

At present instance Tanzania been colossal supply chains exporter within East Africa supplying surfeit Agro produce to the furthest as far as Zimbabwe, South Sudan etc. The barrier of entry into farming technology has plunged, as cloud computing, connectivity, open-source software and other digital tools have become increasingly affordable and accessible.

farmer’s presently in Africa decipher to be in parallel with world advancement into Digital farming is simply adoption to CHANGE.

We here at TechnoAgro Strategists Limited provides this scarce window (of Opportunity ) to global importers an advantage edge to ingress the superlative and only superlative natural Agro produce from Africa. Infact we have initiated pace by pace farming various Agro produce for future exports, whereby certain crops will source and others will be from our farms.


Predictions from Global Economy experts Africa is on the edge of Agriculture quantum leap seen as the EMERGING BIG PUNCH within proliferation of Natural Agro ( ORGANIC ) boosted boom produce global demand.

Nothing is difficult in Comparison with other Continents.Doing business in Africa. Immense plus endless challenges from sourcing the products, Eventually supply to the end buyer (Exports). What keeps us afloat, Immeasurable experience with African Territories. Good news currently most African countries aggressively developing impressive International Standards Infrastructure.

Techno Agro Strategists since its foundation it has developed into a reliable Exports Company of Higher quality Agro products from Africa. Tas exports work as a dedicated team to meet superb higher standards simultaneously to provide customer needs which at the end brings Company Growth. An ideal blend of our optimum quality products and very reasonable prices are capable of impressing absolutely the clients. We believe in maintaining long-term healthy relationships with our esteemed customers by offering them unique quality products.

A highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals from a backbone of TAS to ensure an unimpeded flow of goods and services in precision to the discerning buyer. All operations are constantly monitored and managed by this finely honest and experienced group, which ensures that the company retains and excels further in building its reputation.

Techno Agro Strategists (TAS). Turbo Supercharged United Company with infinite higher vision (In today’s Business world trend, Merging & Cooperation is the common denominator for business healthy and growing.

At TAS we follow bees methodology system for producing super honey. Bees create super honey in Unison in hand by been vigilant, hardworking same time working as a TEAM. We adopted the same working mechanism here at TAS. The World Evolves so fast, We are here to service by Leapfrog steps but with greater care. We believe Teamwork makes Wonders by unlocking possibilities.”Everything is possible, Creativity has no boundaries”.

Africa Agro Products pandora box has thousands of wonders yet to be discovered. We are privileged to be involved into this Greater Journey though challenging but Inspiring. A New Generation of Africans with immense Knowledge in numerous fields. Contrary to popular belief, agricultural production in Africa has increased steadily over the last 30 years: Its value has almost tripled (+160%), showing an increase that clearly exceeds the growth rate for global agricultural production over the same period (+100%). Its great honor for us to be part of this LIGHTING SPEED Africa Renaissance.

Africa Agro products have only three words:

  • Best
  • Natural
  • Products


Agro Creativity is not only limited to mindset, its a combination of many factors such as limbs etc. Creativity is not an event but a process. For the assurance to customers for awesome products a combination of many elements is involved such machinery, trained farmers, superb irrigation, top quality seeds etc. That’s TAS phenomenon.

Worldwide Distribution

Products are supplied Globally in large or small amounts. Large cargos are shipped in containers of 20ft/40ft. Smaller cargos for example honey, its shipped in barrels of 100 or 200 or 300 kgs. This product is shipped through Air cargo. Samples are shipped with fast freight companies such as UPS, FedEx etc.

Plastic drums (very hard) different sizes for parking powder spices such as ginger, cinnamon etc. They are locked with padlocks to secure the safety of the goods to reach the destination safely.

Iron barrels for parking Honey. They all come with padlocks for locking and securing the honey to reach the destination safely.

Plastic barrels for parking spices such as cinnamon, ginger powder, chili pepper, vanilla etc.

Top Notch Service

Congrats to our experienced sales team, logistics etc.. The returns for our service are simply the best. Immense Cooperation with farmers in Africa, Gives us the strong privilege to secure only the BEST.

Pinnacle Quality Standard

TAS offers an inventory with only first grade Agro products. We don’t believe quick fixes, We believe in Integrity, Permanent relationship with customers in hand making sure we never lose our supply grade protocols (only the best and best only will be supplied). Business is networking if one client gives a good word around about TAS, the same client can able to bring us even more 10 clients.

Long-Term Relationship

We have formed strong relationships with our partners, which allow us to handle all grain varieties at any time, in any quantity. Our relationship with our affiliated partners is simply superb, this gives us flexibility all year around to be in the position to supply different agro products in any volume size.

Our Certification

Goods can be provided International standards certification prior to shipment the charges will fall under the client request.